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Here is a quick tour of Liberty BASIC!
Liberty BASIC works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, and Windows 10.  The screen images below are from Windows XP.

It's BASIC and so much more!  Liberty BASIC supports the core language that makes BASIC fun and easy to use and learn including PRINT, INPUT, IF THEN/ELSE/END IF, GOSUB, RETURN, GOTO, READ, DATA, OPEN, CLOSE, FIELD, END, MID$( ), LEFT$( ), RIGHT$( ), LEN( ), VAL( ), STR$( ), and more!  We kept all the standard commands and added easy commands for creating GUIs, doing graphics (including video game sprites), calling Windows APIs, and more!

The Liberty BASIC Editor!  Just type your program code in and run it!



Tons of example programs are included!  Interested in creating a certain kind of program?  Liberty BASIC includes tons of example programs with code like these:

  • Contact manager and rolodex program
  • Lunar lander, tic tac toe, hanoi, hockey, and tank battle games
  • Terminal program
  • Drawing program
  • GUI builder
  • Piano program with 128 instruments

The Liberty BASIC Tutorial!  A special interactive tutorial explains everything you need to know.  See on the left and expandable list of lessons.  On the right, each point is explained, and underneath you can run an example of working code right there without needing to copy and paste.  You can make a change in the example code!  Experiment!  Learning is easy and hassle free!


Easy to use Debugger!  Liberty BASIC comes with an easy to use debugger.  Watch variables change, single step, set breakpoints, run to a specified line, and more!


Fantastic Online Community!  Thousands of people belong to our online message forums where you can be sure to find people interested in the same kinds of programming you are.  Visit the Liberty BASIC Forum on Conforums and the Liberty BASIC Group on Yahoo!


Books and Other Resources

Beginning Programming for Dummies 3rd Edition by popular author and columnist Wallace Wang. This book presents a general introduction using Liberty BASIC examples. The book includes a CDROM with the trial version of Liberty BASIC and other goodies. Read about the book or order it here:



Greg Perry, the author of the best selling QBasic book ever "QBasic by Example" has chosen Liberty BASIC as the introductory programming language in his new book entitled "SAMS Teach Yourself Beginning Programming in 24 Hours".  This book includes Liberty BASIC v2.02 and goodies from Side by Side Software.   Read about the book or order it here: or Barnes & Noble



Number Wonder is a new educational mathematics book by Walter Koetke for:
- Mathematics classrooms
   - Independent study
   - Professional development
This new book features Liberty BASIC in all its computer related exercises!


Web sites

Alyce's Restaurant - The mother of all Liberty BASIC web sites!  Full of help files, tools, games, and more!


The official LBNews home page - This is where you can get all that famous LBNews info!  There are more than 100 issues, jam packed with great technical, informational and how-to info!


The Liberty BASIC Programmers Encyclopedia - This is where you can get all that famous LBNews info!  There are more than 100 issues, jam packed with great technical, informational and how-to info!