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Are you looking for a Visual Basic alternative?

You've come to the right place.  Liberty BASIC is a solid choice.

Liberty BASIC is a real BASIC language for Windows.

In the early days Microsoft's entire business was language interpreters and compilers such as BASIC.  Their early programming products were easy to use.  Microsoft doesn't make BASIC for users anymore, but they make big complicated products for big businesses.  So we created Liberty BASIC to meet the need for an easy to use BASIC language.

When VB.Net came out and VB6 was discontinued, Visual Basic users complained that VB.Net changed so much that it was not Visual Basic anymore, but it became a doctored up version of C#, a Java clone.  In order to really do anything you need to learn large libraries of classes and functions.

Liberty BASIC continues in the tradition of getting things done easily with just a little code.  It is small, being just a few megabytes to install.  Liberty BASIC is easy to use and doesn't have a bloated and complicated programming environment.

Here is a short list of what Liberty BASIC includes:

  • Simple syntax coloring code editor

  • Powerful stepping debugger

  • Built in interactive lesson browser

  • Dozens of included example programs

  • Support for graphics and printing

  • Sprite functions and sound playing for games programming

  • The ability to use Windows APIS and also DLLs written by others

  • Hardware I/O support and RS-232

Go to our download page now to get your free trial.